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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Launch

I started this blog for a couple different reasons. First off, I'm unemployed, and aside from searching for teaching jobs every day, blogging seemed like a perfectly acceptable way to waste some time. Not that I think I have anything important to say (this is a blog about knitting and cooking), but I have found myself with quite a bit of time on my hands, and that time has been occupied with a lot of cooking (mostly for my incredibly loving husband). I've always had a knack for experimental cooking, and the past few years I've embraced new flavors and learned to take risks in the kitchen- risks that usually pay off. I owe a lot of my culinary endeavors to, a blog so delicious I wish I could move to NYC just to be her best friend, because honestly- every single recipe I've tried from that website (usually with a few of my own adjustments) have turned out fabulous.

But you can only eat so much. So I have taken up crocheting and knitting, both with the help of youtube, and have absolutely fallen in love with it. I've come to rely on yarn, hook and needle to keep my hands busy while watching TV, waiting in lines (DMV, doctor's office).....even sometimes in traffic (some Sacramento signals are loooooooong). I've recently started toting larger mom-style bags rather than cute little purses just so I can have multiple yarn options should a sudden spark of inspiration occur when I'm subbing in a high school science class and they're busy watching some time-wasting movie. I mean, I can only watch the first half of "Contact" so many times throughout a day......

So that's it. This blog will probably be a place to showcase a hodgepodge of creative experiments, both in the kitchen and on the couch, but I may also slip a few pictures of my kitten in at times, since she A) is another of my obsessions and B) likes to involve herself in both my cooking (she nearly burned our house down...twice) and knitting- a ball of yarn left out does not get tangled and unraveled around the house by itself. If anyone out there is reading this, I hope you enjoy!

Tahoe Kitten, in all her glory

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